Preventive Maintenance

Full Preventative Maintenance check list:

A thorough evaluation of your system will be performed including: 
  • The refrigerant system will be leak checked, refrigeration safety switch operation will be verified. 
  • All electrical connections will be inspected and tightened accordingly. 
  • All voltage and amperage readings will be recorded. 
  • Air cooled condensers will be cleaned. Humidity systems will be cleaned out and wet socks changed (if applicable). 
  • Ohm values on the humidity heaters will be recorded. 
  • Vacuum pump oil will be changed on systems which require vacuum pumps. 
  • Any improvements warranted will be conveyed to the customer. 
Instrument Calibration that is N.I.S.T. traceable 
  • All the calibration instruments used by Enviren Services, Inc. will be traceable through N.I.S.T. (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and will be in compliance with MIL-STD45662A and ANSIZ540-1994.
Certificate of Calibration 
  • A certificate of calibration will accompany all Preventative Maintenance visits. 
  • The certificate will include the Model number, Serial number, Asset number or any Identification number required by the customer. 
  • The certificate will show actual readings at zero and span prior to the calibration. 
Calibration Seal 
  • The equipment receiving the calibration will be labeled with a seal denoting the date of the calibration and next due date, along with the name of the technician who performed the calibration.
Preferred Customer Status 
  • Preferred customer status means that your service call will take priority over a non-contract customer. 
  • In the event two contract customers call simultaneously, priority will be determined by Enviren Services, Inc.
Discounted Labor Rate
  • Preferred customers receive a labor rate discounted by $10 per hour.
  • Preventative Maintenance calls are performed during regular working hours, excluding holidays and weekends. If Preventative Maintenance is required at times other than specified, Enviren Services can accommodate your request, however additional charges may apply. 
  • Equipment receiving the Preventative Maintenance must be operational prior to the PM being performed.
  • The PM contract does not cover the cost of labor and material for any repairs necessary to bring the equipment to operational status. Any repairs required will be considered above and beyond the cost of the PM contract costs.